Updates From the 10th Floor

Each day is full of milestones in Jayde's recovery, filled with moments where I am more amazed by our Baby Girl and her determination. Yesterday was all about getting out of bed, taking short walks, and moving her tiny hiney. Jayde's gait as she walks down the hall is slow and steady, like a tortoise. Returning, she is always an eager bunny, anxious to get back to her room and crawl back into her bed. The medicine is keeping her pain away and a smile on her face.

Yesterday, Jayde had many visitors. We got her steps in by taking her guests on a walk to the kid's room. Though she has mastered that smile, no matter how she is feeling, it was obvious once everyone departed, she was exhausted and hurting. 

Today has been quiet. The three of us slept until 9:30. Her incisions look beautiful. A year from now, it will be difficult to detect a scar. Also, per her request, her belly button is still an "innie." Today, she is more alert but on edge. She used the bathroom by herself, bye-bye bedpanhuge progress there! The tube in her nose is rapidly draining her stomach, which is good. However, it is quite noisy at times, and she has been extremely nauseous. She has very little voice, as her throat is very sore from the intubation and the tube. The nurses and doctors all agree, "She is right on track." Tomorrow, she will have a fluoroscopy, which is live imaging with contrast. This procedure will show the anastomosis created during her surgery. If all goes well, her tube may come out tomorrow afternoon/evening. We continue to thank everyone for your prayers, love, and support. Also, a huge thank you to both our beautiful moms, Deborah and Joyce, for ensuring Chris and I have lots of yummy food. 

Now time for Chris and me to have our dinner date in the family kitchen while Mom and Dad sit with their granddaughter.


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