More Updates from the 10th Floor

I sit in the peace of the dreary morning as the sun rises over the city, casting my gaze towards the sight of the open water and bridge. This site has quickly become my mental escape from the 10th floor. If I look straight out, my view is the city for as far as the eyes can see. However, if I snuggle comfortably into the corner of my sofa, I see a vision of tranquility and boats setting out to sea.

The only sounds in the background are the hum of Jayde-Rhiannon's medical equipment. I silently pray for a better day, one which is filled with peace. Knowing in my heart, my Baby Girl needs a respite from the disappointing news and lackluster care of yesterday. Jayde is soundly asleep. The past few hours have probably been the best rest she has experienced in almost a week. I slink back down and comfortably become one with my pillow and my plush blanket. When I awake again, it is almost 8:30. Jayde's new nursing team, Tina and Taylor, are introducing themselves to me. Today she has two nurses...attentive, competent, and compassionate. It is almost like having Nurse Nikki and Shannon back but working together on the same shift. I know Jayde has a multitude of people praying for her. This morning I felt those prayers. Peace re-entered our room, and the stress I hoped to sleep off has disappeared. Thank you!

Jayde's Ng tube is clamped at the moment until 5:00. As long as she is not nauseous or throwing up, her team will remove the tube tonight. The next few days will determine when we go home. For now, she still sleeps, hopefully dreaming about all the wonderful places she will be able to go and the things she will do because of this surgery.

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