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Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome Day 2022

There are images, moments, and emotions from the past several years that are indelibly etched into my mind and soul. They are forever a part of me, a part of her and her journey. I began documenting Jayde's journey with the hope it could help another family traveling our same path. My heart smiles, knowing we have.  Because this battle is relentless, I chose to chronicle her story...the good, the bad, the ugly, and all the moments in between. I use words and photos, so on the days she feels as though she can't go on, she will see just how far she has come and find the determination to continue pushing forward, when with every fiber of her being all she desires is to give up. January 28, is SMAS Awareness Day. Though no two journeys are the same, I would like to share the necessity for SMAS awareness day. This is a glimpse into our journey - Jayde's journey. Since her diagnosis almost four years ago, Jayde-Rhiannon and I have cried a river of tears together and separately. E