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The Roar of a Lion

This morning, while tears streamed down my cheeks, I sat in my living room in awe. Though it was a bittersweet moment, it was a moment filled with sweet justice. Today a lion roared, excuse me, lioness, and she roared loudly. I watched the sentencing of Larry Nassar; no Dr. in front of his name any longer, as he has been rightfully stripped of his title. While Judge Rosemarie Aquilina did not set out to be a hero, today, she, along with every victim of Larry Nassar, are my heroes. These women knew they were facing a demon bigger than just one little man. Still, they bravely came forth and brought his darkness into the light.  This depraved, vile man was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison for child pornography, with an additional 175 years from Judge Aquilina. It is a far cry from a six-month sentence, with parole in three months. Her sentence was bold; it is an assurance any light of day he ever sees will only be from behind bars.  As I read over the posts from vario

The Gift of Time

Twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, 8,760 hours in a year. It has been a little more than two months since this battle, for time, took on a life of its very own. Time is no respecter of persons. Simply put, it is a precious gift. A gift we take for granted in the routine of life, almost assuming we have an unlimited supply. For all our hopes and wishes, we cannot pause time, nor stop it. We can only cherish the moments allotted to us, comprehending the gift we have been bestowed. November 18, her birthday, another milestone; 84 years young or 735,840 hours of living. Dinner at her favorite restaurant, surrounded by the love of her family. What began in 1950 as a simple family of three, two years later became a family of four. Now we have grown into a family of eighteen. Small by some comparisons, still it is ours–mine. The few who are aware of the truth know this will most likely be her last birthday celebration. The gift of knowledge also gives us the gi