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We're Off To See the Wizard

  The elevator speaks with the sweet voice of a child. The brightly colored art is familiar, like an old friend. While we walk in together, as we have countless times before, she voices, "I am nervous." "I completely understand. After your last experience several weeks ago, of course, you are." She expresses her anxiousness again as the nurse asks questions and takes her vitals. I assure her, "Momma Bear is here. We've got this." Sadly, this was once the only place, other than home, where she felt comfortable and at ease, where people did not stare, question, or judge, and where she knew she could be among her own kind. That all changed six weeks ago. After the echocardiogram was over, I geared up for battle, much like I did a few years ago, right before Dr. Brenner sent us to Dr. Jelin. I straightened my back as I rolled Jayde into the exam room. After the pleasantries with Dr. Brenner, I proceeded to tell him about the past nine months and how Jayde