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The Silver Lining of Not Giving Up

 Yesterday was Jayde's first in-home IV therapy. Arriving to this day was not without its share of roadblocks, frustration, and chaos. I think what infuriated me the most was that our insurance covers 100% of everything. We have very minimal copays and exceptional prescription coverage. Yes, I know how fortunate we are. Since Jayde became ill, I am grateful every single day for Chris taking a job that we were not sure he should take. Yet, with 100% coverage, I still had to spar with several individuals, including the president of the Wellspan VNA. Our medical supplies person told me yesterday, "You are one badass lady." I laughed and replied, "I make no apologies for being a Momma Bear." What he said next left me saddened, "Yeah, but most parents would have just given up." My following response will clarify the sadness, "I can't give up because that would mean giving up on her, and that is not an option." A few days ago, I discussed healt