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Rare Disease Day 2024

  It's funny how ten people can hear the lyrics to the same song and interpret the words ten different ways. The first time I heard "Footprints on the Moon," I sobbed. The only person or thing I could envision was Jayde and her journey. I look at these pictures and am abundantly thankful for how far she has come. Still, I carry a hope that the brilliant doctors will soon discover the genetic links necessary to crack the elusive code, changing the face of medicine and our lives. I understand how fortunate Jayde is to have been placed with Johns Hopkins Children's Center. My immense gratitude for the few doctors who made it possible to still see those bright green eyes every day never wanes. To the average person, Rare Disease Day is just another day, yet to our family and many like us, it is 365 or, in this year's case, 366 days a year. There was a time when I heard the word rare, and my mind immediately thought of something beautiful, special, and unique. Anytime

SMAS Day 2024

Today is purple day in the Jackson household, but not because the Ravens are playing. Today is SMAS Awareness Day. Each year, I try to give a glimpse into Jayde's journey with this disease. Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome. What can I tell you that you haven't already heard? SMAS is so much more than nausea, pain, vomiting, and weight loss. This disease is relentless, it's frustrating, and it is heartbreaking. That is on a good day, and I am only the mother and caregiver. Yes, those are two very different roles, and I will be the first to admit that on the bad days, I find it challenging to figure out where one begins and the other ends.  About a week ago, I told a dear friend, "If I don’t answer when you call, it's because I am having trouble getting my arm out of the straight jacket."  The culprit of my most recent spiral into madness—Jayde's port. Along with her many illnesses, Jayde has Factor V Leiden Mutation. This is a genetic mutation that cause