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When a Wish Comes True

Yesterday Jayde's wish, through Make-a-Wish, was finally granted. Jayde is understandably exhausted and her pain is as she put it upon this morning's check-in, "An eight, from head to toe." Even in pain she glows.  There were many moments where I was not sure this day would happen. T he only word I can think to use to sum up the experience for our family is MAGICAL. Destiny, our LA Make-a-Wish rep, and James Nagel, an amazing LA-based photographer and cinematographer, met us at our hotel. We spent the next few hours strolling the Santa Monica Pier and the beach. Jayde is so shy in front of the camera, but behind it, she lights up. James was amazing. Besides being relatable, and kind, patiently teaching Jayde and helping her hone her skills, he saw her. Having the opportunity to watch our beautiful daughter in her element was as much a gift for Chris and me as it was for Jayde. This morning, my heart is full of joy and gratitude. This East Coast girl was raised on Dis

California Dreaming

The day I received the phone call informing me Jayde had been granted a wish through Make-a-Wish, I began to cry uncontrollably. No parent ever anticipates their child will become, at any point in their life, a "Make-a-Wish Kid." My tears were mingled with happiness, relief, and sadness. When you live in the medical trenches with your child, you distract yourself with dreams of beautiful, far-off places. Someplace where, for a brief moment, your child can escape the reality of their life. Though this is just a dream, that is alright because a dream is a wish your heart makes. Yesterday, we began our California Coast photography adventure, compliments of Make-a-Wish and Jayde's dream. This is Jayde's first flight. We are all a little anxious—yet filled with excitement. Her hand is tightly planted in mine; for a few moments, her anxiety gets the best of her. I lean over my beautiful girl to look out the window at the clouds below us—she lets out a giggle. All is well.