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The Art of Perseverance

Perseverance is not merely a word used to define an action…it is a state of mind, a state of being.
Roughly ten days ago Jayde attended a concert with Brady and her boyfriend Brett. We purchased the tickets in November, they were $13; we were not too worried if she was unable to attend. Yet to Jayde, this concert was everything. She had been messaging with the band’s photographer, he had placed her on the guest list and was giving her a press pass to take photos. Her excitement was palpable. So was her stress, the week leading up to the concert. She was worried her POTS would make it impossible for her to attend the show…her fears were not unfounded. We dropped the trio at the venue’s door, then proceeded to dinner and a movie close by. A nice respite, even if it was short. Brady was a protective big brother, texting me throughout the evening, keeping me abreast of Jayde’s wellbeing. My biggest fear was having to retrieve the kids early and the disappointment Jayde would feel. When I w…