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Vascular Compression Syndrome Awareness

When I discovered December was Vascular Compression Syndrome Awareness month, my first thought was...Ugh, it's December, the holly jolly month. But as our family all too well knows, these syndromes, their symptoms, and the hell they wreak NEVER take a break. Over her twenty-one years, I have begged, bargained, and pleaded. Still, her birthdays, school events, Halloween, our birthdays, vacations, Thanksgiving, milestones, Christmas, and every other day in the calendar year have been affected. The first time you hear the words, "It is better to have a thin child than one who is obese," you cringe. The third time you hear those vile words, you find there is nothing charming left within you to give. When doctors refuse to listen, you learn to push harder. You learn to be blunt because you only have fifteen minutes to make this doctor comprehend what your child lives through every waking and sleeping minute of her life. In those fifteen short minutes, you also know if you will