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An Anniversary to Remember

Recently, the three of us have been traveling back and forth to Johns Hopkins Hospital to work with some exceptional doctors, hoping they will help our Baby Girl. We were overjoyed when we thought they had found another piece to Jayde-Rhiannon's POTS puzzle. Instead of a helpful puzzle piece, her doctors found two other non-related medical issues that require immediate attention. The first is Superior mesenteric artery syndrome (SMAS). The second is Nutcracker Syndrome, which is a renal vein compression between her aorta and her abdomen. It is believed Jayde was born with these medical issues, and despite all my pushing (and you know I can push), her doctors refused to look outside the box. The incredible miracle is that she has survived sixteen years without worse issues, and if you know what she has been existing with, then you know her journey has not been easy.  The SMA syndrome is causing severe abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting...along with several other symptoms. When she