Update From Plank Road

Chris leaned over and took my hand, "It feels good to finally make this trip with you by my side." The bottled emotions I had previously been unable to name washed over me as we turned onto Plank Road last night. They proceeded to stream down my cheeks uncontrollably. We were greeted at the door by most of the Jackson pride, who were anxiously awaiting the return of Momma and Baby Doolittle.

Mommom, Poppop, and Grandmom turned Jayde's homecoming into the celebration it should be. It was not long before Jayde requested a smoothie, and I put the Ninja blender to work.

Apprehensive is how I would best describe Jayde right now. Her hospital room was designed for her and her needs. Her bed at home does not have rails and buttons to raise it up and down for her ease and comfort. Laying still, she is in minimal pain; however, it is a different story when she moves. Still, she is trying to smile through all of this the best she can.

The next several days will be an adjustment period. Jayde's diet will consist of jello, broth, smoothies, and milkshakes for the following week. You know that irritability you feel when you are starving because you skipped breakfast, it is now 3:00 in the afternoon, and you have not had lunch? Imagine that feeling after seven days, then add seven more.

I have always believed my precious daughter was rare. Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome only affects between .013 and .3 percent of the earth's population to distinguish just how rare a disease this is. The angle of Jayde's obstruction was quite severe. While her surgery will eventually allow her to eat a normal diet, the abdominal aorta and the SM artery are still compromised, restricting her blood flow. Considering this information, we were blessed to be placed in touch with the correct physicians, as there are not many doctors who perform this surgery.

We believe the worst is behind her, yet her road ahead is lifelong. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Chris and I continue to be beyond grateful for all the love and support shown—all the flowers, food, and anything else I may have forgotten at this point—to Jayde and us throughout this journey.

Jayde is up to visitors. If you would like to visit, our only request is not to bring food unless it is cleared by me before, and please call or text first.


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