Light from the 10th Floor

A new day brings many changesfor the better. Jayde has hurdled her obstacles with great strength. Yesterday she slept almost all day–last night, she turned a corner, gaining momentum and not looking back. Her Ng tube was removed around 5 p.m., allowing her some much-needed freedom and relief.

She celebrated by having her hair washed, showered, and legs shaved by nurse mom. She looks like herself again, and for the first time in three days, Chris and I heard the amazing sound of her voice once more. It is squeaky and weak but still beautiful.

This morning's patient challengechicken broth with a side of jello. Whispers of removing her from IV fluids were overheard from her nurses while I was still in the haze of sleep. Once Jayde can tolerate liquids, she will be restricted to a soft diet for several weeks. How she tolerates liquids, followed by soft food, will determine when we graduate from the 10th floor to Plank Road.

For today we are grateful to have the past five days in the rearview mirror, looking forward to a special visitor before he heads off to college and playing hospital bingo.

Thank you to my tribe of beautiful women for the afternoon phone calls, early morning and late-night chats, checking in on Jayde and me
constantly reminding us we are not alone.
I am sending much love and gratitude from Chris, Jayde, and myself for the continued love, support, and fervent prayers from everyone and the impeccable "restaurant service" from our family. 

This has been a difficult journey for our familyyou all have managed to make the burden lighter.


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