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It's On Us

I am sure this will piss off someone, but I am tired of being politically correct and am at the point where I do not give a damn who I piss here goes. Unlike Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer was already a household name across America. Like most people, I woke up to the news of his overdue termination from NBC. To #NBC and the #Todayshow , kudos for finally doing what you should have done years ago. I was not shocked or surprised, only because I typically have a sixth sense regarding abusive individuals. The sight of Matt Lauer consistently made my radar go into overdrive. Only if I had this innate sense in my teenage years or my twenties; then again, the experiences from those days probably heightened this ability in the first place. The ability to sit in a room and sense an individual's depravity, lurking right below the surface; the ability to sense their face is the mask, hiding the monster within. What surprises me are the comments from individuals on social media. Comme