Though She Be Little She Is Fierce

We have traveled full circle, bringing the three of us back to where our journey began five short months ago. Coming to Hopkins has become a family affair for me, Chris, and Jayde-Rhiannon. As I observe Jayde carry herself through the hospital, I marvel at the beautiful creature I call my daughter. I'm sure I am biased, but I have never met a woman as strong as my Baby Girl. I am proud to be the Mother of such a fierce little warrior. On this momentous day, it is difficult not to feel many emotions. Yet, the strongest emotion pulsing through me at this moment is gratitude. Grateful Jayde has seen significant improvement. I am thankful for this brilliant doctor who did not dismiss my mother's intuition or Jaydeas too many did in the past. Today she was given the thumbs up from her doctor to test her new stomach created by the DDJ surgery performed not quite one month ago. One of Jayde's favorite forbidden foods is burgers, not the McDonald's or Burger King burgers. She wants the real deal. Her favorite burger is her father's hand-patted, juicy, on the grill 1/4 pounder. Since she was craving a burger and could not wait for the hour-long drive home, we celebrated by going to the Shake Shack. Witnessing her scarf down not one but almost two burgers brought tears to my eyes. This is a day I was uncertain I would ever see happen.

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