Disney, West Coast Style

We are determined to enjoy every moment of our West Coast visit. Yesterday, we visited Disneyland and California Adventures. This morning our Fairy Godmomma inquired how Disneyland compared to Disneyworld. I am sorry to say—it doesn't. It was nice to visit and be able to say we did it, but it made me miss Disneyworld. Mickey and Minnie weren't even there, but we did get our Dole Whips! Chris laughed at me when I asked, "Where is Cinderella's castle?" His reply was, "She can't have the same house in two different states! If you had a house in Florida and one in California, would they be the same?" "Well, let me try that, and I will let you know!" Glad I have this witty man as my partner in all of life's adventures, always putting things in perspective for me. This morning, we all slept in and ordered breakfast in bed. The past few days have physically taken a toll on Jayde. Though she is fighting to make the most of this trip, she is exhausted and needs some downtime. Today, Maddie, one of her friends from out here, is visiting and spending the day with us at the local shops and by the pool.



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