Port Surgery Day

Today is port surgery day, and right on schedule, our nerves are on edge. Still, laughter rings through the air. We depart on schedule. Unfortunately, traffic is a disaster in our sleepy little town. An accident on the interstate, someone will not be arriving home today, putting everything in perspective. We arrived at Hopkins a few minutes late. Chris realizes he forgot his wallet, which means he has no driver's license for his ID badge. Thankfully, we have been here. We have done this routine before. The three of us sit in the family surgical room.

Since our last visit here nine months ago, the only thing to change is the faces of the strangers surrounding us. We get settled into the pre-op area. Vitals are needed, and labs are completed. My signature, allowing everyone to treat our Baby Girl, has been signed several times. Jayde's nurses quickly discover why her surgery is necessary, as they have difficulty finding a vein for her IV. Twenty minutes later, they are successful. After she is fast asleep, I release her hand and exit the operating room. I walk out, thankful she cannot see the tears covering my cheeks. I could never bear to watch the surgery these skilled professionals are about to perform on my daughter. Still, I cannot stop the pang in the pit of my stomach prompted by needing to leave her. Like her prior surgery, this will not cure anything, but it should improve her quality of life. Chris and I walk the halls, eat lunch, and wait. It all seems too ordinary and natural — finally, it's time to see our Baby Girl and the beautiful smile that lights up our world.

Jayde is understandably groggy, and it is taking a while to get her pain and heart rate under control. Thankfully, we have a nurse who understands Jayde's illnesses better than the last surgery. It was a long day, but once we made it home, even though she felt rough, I could tell she was happy to be in her own bed. Now it's time to start dreaming about a wish trip to the West Coast.


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