It's On Us

I am sure this will piss off someone, but I am tired of being politically correct and am at the point where I do not give a damn who I piss here goes.
Unlike Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer was already a household name across America. Like most people, I woke up to the news of his overdue termination from NBC. To #NBC and the #Todayshow, kudos for finally doing what you should have done years ago. I was not shocked or surprised, only because I typically have a sixth sense regarding abusive individuals. The sight of Matt Lauer consistently made my radar go into overdrive. Only if I had this innate sense in my teenage years or my twenties; then again, the experiences from those days probably heightened this ability in the first place. The ability to sit in a room and sense an individual's depravity, lurking right below the surface; the ability to sense their face is the mask, hiding the monster within.
What surprises me are the comments from individuals on social media. Comments ranging from these women are too damn sensitive, and no man is safe. To you, women will blame anybody, and if they didn't dress a certain way, it would not happen. Do you not realize you and your comments are part of the long-standing problem? Can you not grasp how these types of comments would shutter victims who want to speak out? Instead of no man is safe, try considering how no woman is safe? Besides concerns of retaliation, one of the primary reasons victims do not come forward is fear. They fear being shamed, blamed, and ultimately not believed; the multitude of derogatory comments prove their worries are not baseless. As for the married men who want to find humor at their wife's expense, stating, "My wife will probably file sexual harassment charges against me." Guess what? If you are one of these men who believes that just because you put a ring on it signifies you should be able to get "it" whenever you want it, you need to check yourself. For every living, breathing individual, ring or no ring, the only sexual gratification you are entitled to is self-gratification.
Here is a thought…If you sit in fear of being accused of sexual harassment, then maybe you need to think about why someone would find merit in accusing you. I know not every individual accused is guilty; many money-hungry people throughout society are looking to make a quick buck. However, those individuals are not the standard, and actual victims should not suffer based on the actions of a few.
I have read countless comments from people stating they are tired of the #Metoo movement. I am, too! I wish I could not say, "Me too;" I wish many of the women I know and love could not say, "Me too." I wish my daughter, before she was thirteen, could not say, "Me too." But the reality is we are saying it; by the millions, we are saying it. Shouldn't that tell you something? Enough of the enough is enough or another one, comments. Yes, MANY women are bravely stepping out of the shadows. Why? Because they finally feel safe doing so. How many women have lost their jobs because they chose to be brave, only to be met with scorn and retaliation? How many more people need to be violated? How many more individuals need to have their lives destroyed? All because someone cannot, sorry, does not want to control themselves. All because someone feels entitled to take whatever they want. We teach our daughters not to go out alone, to dress a certain way, and to defensively prepare themselves for what they will face and should expect. Shouldn't we also be teaching our sons to respect women? To treat them as humans, not objects for sexual gratification, and that no always means no? It is time for the boys will be boys club to stop attempting to excuse away their inexcusable behaviors. We teach our children not to steal, yet the context of our teaching is constantly referring to the inanimate possessions of others, never warning them the most prized possession any individual owns is their heart and soul.
It should not make a difference if sexual harassment comes from an ex-president, a current president, a top Hollywood executive, a priest, a family member, your boss, or a celebrity. It is still lewd, criminal behavior, behavior that needs to be eradicated. Regardless of the parties involved, sexual harassment and sexual assault are not political issues, race issues, or Hollywood issues…they are humanity issues.
I know this does not affect most individuals, it is simply an annoyance; until it is your daughter being sexually violated or it is your son guilty of the violation. At the end of the day we each have a choice, we can be part of the problem or a part of the solution. What choice will you make?


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